Top 5 Websites That Will Boost Your Social Media Strategy

By Tatyana Frid

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In our current online climate, there are many tools out there to take your marketing to the next level. However, it’s not always easy to find accurate and budget friendly tools, especially if your on a budget and want some free or at least cheaper tools in the mix, so you don’t end up paying thousands for all the services. To help you out on this online journey, here are some of useful websites that can boost your social media strategy without having to break the bank.

1. Wordtracker (free alternative to google adwords)

If you are a new business or solo freelancer new to their field, you may find tools like google adwords expensive, especially if your just starting out and in the process of learning what works and what does not work for your business when it comes to keyword searches. Wordtracker’s more affordable keyword research database includes over 320 million most profitable keywords. To use it, all you have to do is type in a keyword you want to analyze, and Wordtracker will give you all the data you need to figure out what can work best for your business. It is also nice that you can specify your search where you can exclude and include certain keywords, making the data more accurate. Wordtracker, also offers a 7 day free trial where you can choose either the Bronze ( $27/month), Silver ( $69/month), or Gold Plan ( $99/month) to try out.You can also try it out for free without doing the trial, just with more limited features. Either way, it is definitely a good cheaper alternative.

2. (hashtag analyzer tool)

If your especially active on Twitter and Instagram, you know that the hashtags you use can make a big difference on how many people you reach. Especially people that will have an interest in your business and want to interact with it. No matter what business you have, a hashtag analyzer tool can always come in handy. A great free hashtag analyzer tool is This tool can analyze any hashtag which includes it’s overall popularity (from a scale of 1 to 100), recent popularity, and if it’s currently trending both monthly and weekly. It also gives you related hashtags that may be a good alternative or additional ones that you can use in one post. It also shows you top influencers who use it and types of posts that include the hashtag. While you can also choose between three paid plans with a 7 day free trial: (Personal: $19/month, Business: $64/month or Enterprise: $249/month), the free version on the website offers enough data to go off of for basic hashtag analysis.

3. Hubspot CRM (free CRM tool)

While the entire Hubspot platform is not free, you can still use a free version of the Hubspot CRM (Customer Relationship Management) that can help organize, track, and manage leads. This includes a full view of your sales pipeline (deals concluded, appointments scheduled, contracts sent etc.), record all your business activity with ease, see every contacts info (name, business, conversations), chat with both prospective and ongoing customers, use the sales software to make quicker deals, create and analyze email templates, get notified when a prospective customer interacts with information you sent them, make and save calls and call records, and create and book meeting that work with your schedule. Overall, it offers a lot of useful features, especially for being a free platform for CRM.

4. CoSchedule (headline analyzer tool and free word list for headlines)

If your a company that likes to add blogs to your marketing, then a headline analyzer tool is essential when it comes to titling your blogs in order to make your title as relevant and as easy to find as possible. CoSchedule has a great headline analyzer tool that can help you figure out that perfect title for your topic to get noticed, show up in search results, and increase your overall traffic to the blog post. The headline analyzer tool gives your headline a score of 1–100 (with the rating of 70 considered the minimum in the good category), helps you figure out the right word balance (to make sure your headline is not too long or too short to lose viewers interests). Additionally, you can download a list of power words that will help you brainstorm a more “emotionally moving” or “powerful” title to increase your headlines engagement.

5. Google Trends (free alternative to content analysis and discovery)

A good free alternative to finding target keywords to use in your marketing campaign is Google Trends. This free website does a popularity analysis on any search term on Google Search by showing how it is trending in different regions and how the search term has been performing the last couple of months. It also gives you related search terms that may prove of more use than your original keyword idea. Google Trends shows you this data using maps, graphs, and lists, giving the user a quick analysis of the information. Google Trends also offers recently trending searches on their main page and Google Trends lesson PDF’s that will help you understand the platform for better and more efficient use.

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