Mabl Highlights Their Commitment To Diversity and Inclusion By Getting Their Inclusive Innovation Certification

The Tech Connection Inc. is pleased to announce a new employer partnership with Mabl as an INCLUSIVE INNOVATION, CERTIFIED FRIEND.

Mabl is the leading SaaS provider for machine learning-based test automation. While development teams have increased their velocity through continuous delivery, Mabl enables continuous testing with a script-free test automation framework and cutting-edge cloud services that run your tests without customers having to manage test infrastructure. Mabl uses proprietary machine learning models to automatically identify application bugs, including visual regressions, javascript errors, broken links, increased page latency, and more.

When we asked them what they had to say about what makes them an innovative, dynamic and all-around fantastic place to work, here’s what they shared:

Why is Mabl such a great place to work?

At Mabl, they are building the most comprehensive end-to-end cross-browser test automation tool in the industry. We’re focusing on using the large amounts of data collected from test runs to power quality intelligence and provide insights to customers to improve the quality of their applications. As a team, we’re an eclectic group with diverse experiences and expertise, with many team members involved in professional communities outside the office through blogging, conferences, workshops, meetups, and mentoring.

What has your team done in the past to support diverse talent?

At Mabl, we truly value transparency. Although we are making strides towards becoming a more diverse team, we have a ways to go. We are actively working to support diverse talent by creating employee resource groups, expanding how we recruit for diverse talent, administering an engagement survey to hear how to best support our underrepresented team members, pushing for a more inclusive environment, and educating our team about DEI issues such as unconscious bias training.

What does your team hope to do in the future to support more diverse talent?

In the future, we hope to have several more employee resource groups, a hiring process that supports underrepresented candidates, more inclusive benefits for the team, sponsorships geared towards programs and events that support diversity, and more regularly held training and workshops around DEI.

Tell us about one or two of the new innovative solutions your team is working on this year.

Mabl is empowering software testers who are aiming to keep pace with today’s dev culture of high-paced software delivery by making it easy for testers to create and run automated UI tests at scale.

A few cool things our team is working on include application test coverage based on real user data and visual testing based on a model of the user’s underlying application.

The Tech Connection is a recruitment platform that helps companies make meaningful connections to empower and engage diverse talent for their open job opportunities. Are you hiring diverse talent and need a hand? We are happy to help! Reach out to us at

The Tech Connection is a diversity recruitment platform that connects innovative companies to diverse talent.

The Tech Connection is a diversity recruitment platform that connects innovative companies to diverse talent.