ActBlue Highlights Their Commitment To Diversity and Inclusion By Getting Their Inclusive Innovation Certification

The Tech Connection Inc. is pleased to announce a new employer partnership with ActBlue as an INCLUSIVE INNOVATION, CERTIFIED FRIEND.

ActBlue is a nonprofit, building fundraising technology for Democratic campaigns, progressive organizations, and nonprofits. Their mission is to democratize power and help small-dollar donors make their voices heard in a real way. As a result, they have developed a top-of-the-line fundraising software and offer simple, intuitive tools to help campaigns and organizations connect with new and existing grassroots donors

When we asked them what they had to say about what makes them an innovative, dynamic and all-around fantastic place to work, here’s what they shared:

Why is ActBlue such a great place to work?

We value our employees’ well-being and want everyone to be able to bring their full selves to our work. We have expansive and inclusive benefits in place to support this. We offer three months of paid parental leave for all genders, adoptions included, and fully paid and trans-inclusive health, dental, and vision insurance.

We are committed to intentional, mindful recruiting and hiring practices to continue expanding the representation of underrepresented communities within our team. Through coaching, professional development, and finding leadership opportunities, we invest in the individuals who have joined our team and elevate their voices as leaders in the tech industry.

What has your team done in the past to support diverse talent?

We sponsor organizations and events essential to the movement of diversifying the tech industry, including Data for Black Lives, Code2040, and Lesbians Who Tech; we attend and speak at events that are dedicated to this work, such as PearConf and Refactr.Tech; and we engage with organizations local to our headquarters in the Boston area, like Resilient Coders and Inclusive Tech Lab.

Our Director of Diversity and Inclusion leads a cross-departmental task force that stewards internal programming and conversations around how we can continue to grow as a healthy, diverse, safe, and inclusive environment. We partner with an external agency to help us in this ongoing work, including organization-wide workshop days, conducting surveys, and more.
We have safe-space slack channels for many of the communities that make up ActBlue.

Finally, our engineering team has a competency framework that describes expectations of the various software engineering roles and levels. This framework informs the feedback and professional growth conversations you have with your manager so it is clear what you are accountable for. Contributing to an inclusive, collaborative, and safe environment is specifically articulated in the Software Engineering competency framework, as it is a core expectation of every member of our team.

What does your team hope to do in the future to support more diverse talent?

Led by our Director of People and Culture, we are advancing systems of communication to allow more effortless and regular feedback from individual contributors to their managers and leadership to help ensure people’s voices are heard. Our mission is to empower small-dollar donors so that our institutions and elected officials are accountable to all of the people they are supposed to serve, not just the 1%. This means it is essential that the diverse communities we aim to serve also shape our platform.

We are committed to continually challenging ourselves to do more, learn more, and understand more about how to empower each other and strengthen our team through our unique voices coming together in creative collaboration. This takes work, courage, honest self-reflection, and deliberate practice.

Tell us about one or two of the new innovative solutions your team is working on this year. This will give our community a sense of what kind of work they might be doing if the join your team.

We’re building presidential-scale infrastructure while breaking down barriers to entry in politics and advocacy through our grassroots fundraising platform’s innovative capabilities. We’re focused on sustaining and building new capabilities that the thousands of Democratic campaigns, progressive organizations, and nonprofits that use ActBlue depend on for the success of their own missions.

2.4 million engaged grassroots supporters gave an incredible $246 million in Q2 2019 through ActBlue, with 56% of contributions made on mobile devices. The product and engineering team at ActBlue is focused on meeting small-dollar donors where they’re at so they can make their voices heard on any device they have, anywhere, and at any time of day.

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