6 Unique Qualities Millennials can offer to the Tech Industry

By: Tatyana Frid

Photo by Dylan Gillis on Unsplash

It’s no secret that millennials are exceptionally knowledgeable than most older generations when it comes to technology currently used in the workforce. According to the Pew Research Center and numerous other sources, millennials are defined as anyone born within the years of 1981–1996. Since evolving and ever-changing technological advances played such a big part of a typical millennials upbringing, it is no surprise that they developed a passionate curiosity for tech and everything about it. So even if they don’t have the vast amount of work experience as someone from the baby boomer generation, they offer their own unique qualities that can help keep the tech industry thriving.

1. Millennials are naturally innovative and curious.

Growing up in a generation where things are continually changing, millennials have learned to be naturally curious about the way things can be done. They are particularly inventive and like offering multiple solutions rather than just one solution to solve any issue. Whether your a digital marketer or a website coder, this is a great trait to have in the tech industry, since innovation is one of the main components that drive newer and better ideas. If a company wants to keep thriving, they have to change the way things are done sometimes, especially if a current tactic is not doing too much for their business or reputation. In any company, trial and error are part of the learning process and trying out multiple solutions is worth it to get a better result.

2. They value diversity and collaboration.

Out of all the current generations, millennials are the most open-minded when it comes to diversity and welcome other people’s opinions when working on a group project with their co-workers. Most millennials like working in groups and value diverse opinions, so team meetings hold a lot of value to them in their workplace. They know every co-worker has personal and professional background can bring forth creative ideas, which can be beneficial for creating practical solutions to every project that needs to be done.

3. They are passionate about making a positive impact on their work.

Although millennials do want to be paid fairly for the work they produce, a good paycheck is not the only vital component to their ideal work environment. Millennials want to work for a company that is genuinely passionate about their mission, meaning the company puts their goals into action to reach that mission. In a 2012 study done by Net Impact, there is a growing percentage of newer millennials wanting to make a difference where they work. Millennials want their work to have a real genuine impact on what the company is doing and will work hard to make sure it happens.

4. They don’t mind working remotely when needed.

Millennials being as tech-savvy as they are, are quick learners when it comes to new software and online programs that are needed for their job. This means that they rarely need help from someone in person to figure out a technical issue. Their ability to be independent with tech-based individual projects makes them great remote workers. This is especially useful when a candidate that can offer many strengths to the company, despite the fact that they live in a different state or an area with bad weather. Millennials are capable of working anywhere, which can assure their company that they will always be on top of their tasks, no matter where they are.

5. They are especially adaptable to any sudden change.

Since millennials grew up in an age where there was a lot of changes happening in society, they tend to be more flexible to any changes in both their personal and professional lives than past generations. They will often have a variety of solutions to suggest to their team, which will help the arising problem get solved quickly and efficiently. Additionally, if the way things are done in general end up being changed at some point, it would not take long for a millennial to get quickly adapted to that change and have their work be better than ever.

6. More use of social media for marketing tactics.

According to statistica.com and multiple other sources, more than 76 percent of millennials use social media in 2018, so it’s not surprising that millennials are able to use their social media skills for high-quality marketing purposes. This is a beneficial skill to have in the tech field because most of the marketing for tech companies come from digital media. Millennials can educate older generations in the workforce about how to use social media for their company’s marketing advantage, which will lead to a faster rate of growth in terms of both clients and revenue in the long run.

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